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Medication Management

How do I start the process?

You will be scheduled for an assessment. You will speak to the nurse about your sympto​ms and medical history. The assessment will help to determine whether or not medication is a good option in the treatment of your mental health. Depending on the results of the assessment, a diagnosis is made and a treatment plan is designed for your particular needs. The first appointment will be a hour and then you'll meet once a month to check-in. 

Our advanced practice nurse will oversee the drugs prescribed for the client, such as mood stabilizers, antidepressants, antipsychotics, and other medications related to mental health, to ensure they are appropriately taken. This process will help patients achieve the optimum therapeutic outcome of the medicines. Every person has a unique brain chemistry that works differently with every drug, no two people will have the same response. In some cases, people find that a medication helps for a while, and then their symptoms come back. It often takes some time for a medication to be effective, so it is important to stick with the treatment plan and take medication as prescribed. 

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