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I hold an MS in Clinical Counseling and a B.S. in Psychology. I am a provisionally Licensed Mental Health Practitioner. Past experiences have allowed me to better understand a client at their level and broadened the holistic approach that I use. I am integrative in the approach that I use because I feel that one size does not fit all and that each client possesses uniquely different situations for coming to therapy. Through an integrative approach, I feel that the client and I will create a course of treatment that will benefit them. Compassionate care and complete understanding are very important to me because, without either value, trust cannot be built. I mostly align myself with Person-Centered Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, CBT, DBT, Creative therapeutic approaches (with children), and Existential theory. One of my favorite therapeutic modalities is group therapy, I enjoy facilitating groups.

Self-care is highly important to me and honestly, Meditation and writing are two of my strongest self-care skills. I am an open and accepting therapist and will work with all people no matter who they are or the part of the community they are from. My open and accepting nature allows me to work empathetically with clients and learn to understand the issues they are dealing with. Two of the populations that I feel are vastly underserved are Veterans and LGBTQ+ and a goal I have is to be able to serve them as a counselor/therapist. My specialties include depression, anxiety, self-care, daily stressors, and communication issues.

I have an altruistic view of life and the belief that we as people all should be treated as equals. Race, culture, sexual identity/preference, marital status/partners, or personal beliefs should never be a basis for the opinion. We all have our own personal philosophies. To respect those philosophies I have found is a way to build a foundation of trust in the therapeutic relationship.

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 I am an aspiring writer and am presently working on readying a book for e-publishing across Amazon Kindle. I write poetry and stage plays as well. I enjoy playing tabletop RPGs (Pathfinder, Doctor Who, Dungeons and Dragons, etc.), Video and board games, taking a walk, trail riding, reading books, and am a leather smith (I own a small leatherwork business). Musically I like a wide variety of music from 70’s-90’s rock, pop, and metal, new age music (meditation and relaxation), and comedy artists. The types of movies I enjoy are sci-fi, fantasy, and comedy (Laughter is a healthy mode of expression). Humor is an essential emotion in life and sometimes a little laughter can help to relax tense situations. 

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You don't always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go and see what happens.

- Mandy Hale